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Gamified Tech Training exclusively for Recruiters & HR Professionals

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Sailee is a platform designed by a former Recruiter that delivers advanced technical knowledge to Recruiters & HR Professionals, which leads to increase credibility with hiring managers and candidates, validate candidates better and fill roles faster.

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Why Use Sailee?


Reduced Time to Hire

Reduce the amount of time it takes to find the perfect IT Candidate with your advanced technical knowledge


Increased Candidate Quality

Allow internal recruiters and HR professionals to screen candidates at a higher level than before, saving hiring manager time.

Increased Knowledge Retention

Gamified Training has been proven to increase knowledge retention when compared to other forms of training.

Recruiters learning about their industry specialism

Vertical Market Training Courses

Sailee’s vision is to allow both newly hired Recruitment Consultants as well as seasoned veterans to learn in-depth technical knowledge about their specialist subject.

Delivered via bite sized 1-3 minute training courses to maximize attention followed by fun quizzes to test knowledge retention.

Devise an entire training course for new consultants to work through before they hit the phones, knowing that they will retain the information due to the gamified approach to learning.

Truly become a specialist tech recruiter, have meaningful high level conversations with hiring managers and instill confidence in candidates being interviewed

Recruiters learning about their industry specialism

Customisable Achievements

Whilst we create some badges/achievements to get you started, you can also create your own achievements to incentivize your team the way that your business intends them fill their open roles.

Sailee will allow you to select an icon, define the steps to hit the achievement or goal, and the points awarded for each level.

Recruiters celebrating their wins together

Celebrate Wins Together

When a Recruiter completes an achievement, they are awarded a badge for their profile that they can show off to their colleagues.

Each Achievement that is awarded earns the Recruiter points, which pushes them up the leaderboard.

Pit Recruiters against each other via some friendly leaderboard battles as well as also pushing the overall team to contribute to a team target which upon hitting will reward all of them with an incentive of your choosing (we’d recommend a team lunch out!).

Recruiters celebrating their wins together

Bird’s Eye Team View

Sailee provides an easy to read dashboard that gives the Manager & L&D team everything they need to know at the single click of a button.

Want to see who’s learning the most? No Problem.

Curious about which Recruiter is earning the most points? Piece of cake.

From the Team View, you see all.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have