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Sailee was created by me, Jamie Bohanna, an Ex Recruiter turned Software Engineer, and the now Founder and CEO of Sailee.

During my 5 year experience as an IT Recruitment Consultant, followed by my time in Software Engineering, I noticed that a lot of internal recruiters didn’t have a deep enough technical understanding for the roles that they were recruiting for. Would you go get your car serviced at a garage that couldn’t explain what was wrong with your car? Didn’t think so.

I’ve always had a passion for gaming, and recently took up trying to learn German via Duolingo. One day in 2022, whilst attempting to learn German (and failing horribly) a light bulb went off in my head. What if this is what Recruitment was like?

I immediately set off to start gathering feedback from previous colleagues and was quickly inspired that this is most certainly something that people need. The ability to understand all that technical lingo when recruiting for IT roles is essential if you want to fill roles quickly. No more YouTube 30 minute+ long videos. No more deciphering what Wikipedia’s definition of OOP is. Just simple 3 minute videos with a fun gamification layer wrapped around it.

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