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Product Features

We’ve got some excellent features as well as much more planned for the future

Recruiters being motivated via Gamification

Gamification & Incentivisation

Recruiters will be rewarded with points for completing their activities, learning more about their vertical niche (if they have one), and smashing unique challenges. Those points contribute towards a variety of leaderboards, designed specifically to encourage friendly competition and boasting amongst peers.

According to research performed by Hubspot, Gamification gave Kenco a 45% increase in bottom line sales margin, and TalentLMS said that 89% of people state that it makes them more productive at work, and 71% of their own employees said that it leads to an increase in energy levels.

Gamified Learning & Development Courses

Follow a long term Learning & Development pathway for your Recruiters to follow, fuelled by 1 – 3 minute niche training videos that teach your Recruiters what it truly means to become a Specialist Recruiter in their industry.

Stop giving Recruiters basic instructions such as “Go speak to candidates to learn about it” and start giving them a structure learning course that ensures they retain accurate specialist knowledge over a longer period of time.

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Reinventing the Recruitment Industry

Everything we do is focused on making Recruiters happier with a surge of motivation and passion for smashing targets and have a damn great time whilst doing it!

Level up your knowledge

Become a Sailee Certified Recruiter in your vertical market by completing 5 Levels of Content that ranges from easy to expert.


Spaced Repetition Learning

A modern approach on a technique from cognitive science for memorisation. Present quizzes repeatedly over a stretched period of time, until retaining the specialist knowledge becomes as simple as riding a bike.

Celebrate The Wins

All Recruiters will have access to a social media like ‘Win Wall’ which live streams all achievements and level ups across the business, so your peers can celebrate your wins with you via emoji responses. 

Track your progression over time

Know at all times where you’re at in your journey to become an expert recruiter with a customisable learning plan.



Customisable Point Multipliers

Spot a Junior Recruiter struggling to fill roles? Multiply their points by a fixed amount for a specific period of time to give them the boost they need to get back into the competitive spirit and further up the leaderboards.

Data Insights

Our AI will learn about your business with the aim to provide actionable insights such as which area of the business takes longer to recruit for, or which technology demands the highest salaries.


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